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Assigning Roles to the User

Defining role ensures users ownership over specific areas. Roles provide a way to group permissions and assign them to users or user groups. Permissions define the actions that a user can perform in a system.

Select Role: For assigning Roles, click on “Select Role” and you can see the various roles present like Contact Organizer, Contact Manager, Content Writer, Content Manager, Staff Schedule Manager, Mass Notification Dispatcher, Mass Notification Manager, Incident Responder, Incident Operator, Incident Manager, IT Incident Responder, IT Incident Operator, IT Incident Manager, Security Analyst, HR, etc.,

select roles

Assign more Roles: A single user can be assigned more than one role. By clicking on Assign more roles we can add more Roles.

role: Contact manager

Select Contact: Select the required contact to be assigned for the chosen role.

select contact

Address: After adding the roles and assigning contact you can add the respective contact address details.

address line

Click on “Save” to save the user role and assigned contact details.