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Introduction Overview

Zapoj is a AI-powered unified critical event management platform completely digitalized and engineered to minimize business disruptions proactively and improve team productivity at same time.

It automates and accelerates organizations’ operational response to critical events to improve business resilience.

The services offered within the Zsuite are: 

  • Visual Risk Intelligence
  • Emergency Mass Notification 
  • Major Incident Management
  • IT Incident Alerting 
  • Critical Assets

Zsuite Use cases can be broken down into 5 categories 

  • Visualize and orchestrate Risks provides powerful visualization and orchestration for managing critical events used in organizational functions such as security, business continuity, supply chain and operations to mitigate or eliminate the impact of risk.
  • Maintain Resiliency by initiating business continuity plans that move mission critical services (like customer service or e-commerce) to other regions not impacted. 
  • Activate Teams by notifying and confirming which employees need and can return to work to either provide a mission critical service from a back-up location or restoration teams that are needed to start bringing local services back to normal operations. 
  • Protect Employees by notifying employees to “Stay safe at home” and to not come to the office unless required. 
  • Mitigate Supply Chain Risk by rerouting ‘just in time’ or ‘perishable’ materials to an open facility that can safely store or use the materials.