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Visual Risk Intelligence Overview

The looming threat landscape urges the business leaders to intensely seek a proactive mechanism to prepare ahead of uncertainties. This volatile landscape compounded by mutating pandemic, global warming, war, geopolitical and social unrest, cyber threats, and terror impacts an organization’s stability to continue business as usual. The ability to leverage real-time risk intelligence enable organizations to alert and mitigate impacts and enhance business resilience.

The Visual Risk intelligence (VRI) feature makes it easy for the incident and crisis management teams to visualize potential risks, trigger early warning, initiate crisis communications, and enhance risk management.

The Visual Risk intelligence (VRI) feature in Z suite CEM provides a clear and detailed understanding of the threat perception, by correlating threats with locations people, facilities, systems, and logistics. This helps organization to proactively plan pre-emptive strategies and build their operational resilience.

VRI help organizations to:

  • Monitor Risks around their people and critical assets worldwide 24/7.
  • Focus on the real threats by eliminating noise and false alarms.
  • Quickly alert the right stakeholders at the right time.
  • Stay informed from any place and anytime.