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Dashboards Terminology

Contact: Contact is the person identified by an Organization to notify through the Z suite application. Example: Employee, Customer, Supplier, Vendor, or Contractor.

Assets: Assets are the organizational resources essential to operate and achieve organization objectives. Example: People, Premises, Process and Providers.

IT CMDB: An IT Configuration Management Database  is a database used to store IT asset information to essential for an organization’s IT service management (ITSM). Example: Hardware, Software, Network, Voice, Data Systems, etc.,

Incident: Incident is an occurrence due to unforeseen circumstances, which, if not handled duly, can turn severe to disrupt or deteriorate organization’s assets and services. Example: Personnel Absence, Power Outage, Network Failure, Transport Disruption.

IT Incident: IT incident refers to an unexpected event that disrupts business operations or impacts the performance. Example: System Slowness, Corrupted data, Login Issues, etc.,