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Introduction Terminology

Risk intelligence: Risk intelligence is the solution that helps business continuously track identify, avoid or manage the impact and duration of risk incidents.

Assets: Assets are the organizational resources essential to operate and achieve organization objectives.

Example: People, Premises, Process and Providers.

Message templates: Message templates are pre-set text that can be used to quickly send communication without typing the content during a critical juncture.

Notifications: Notifications are voice or text messages sent in response to events or transactions that are essential for organizational operations and security.

Example: Fire Safety Evacuation, Monsoon Preparedness.

Incident: An Incident occurrence due to unforeseen circumstances, which, if not handled duly, can turn severe to disrupt or deteriorate organization’s assets and services.

Examples :Personnel Absence, Power Outage, Network Failure, Transport Disruption.

IT Event Management: IT Event Management is the process that monitors all events that occur through the IT infrastructure to detect and alert on exception conditions and ensure resolution for normal operation.

Examples of key phases include Preparedness, Detection, Logging, Analysis, Response, Assignment, Prioritization, Categorization, Closure, Review, Reporting and Prevention.