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Webhooks in Okta can be used to notify external systems about events that occur within Okta, such as when a user is created or when a user’s password is reset.

To integrate Okta with a webhook, follow these steps:

  1. Create a webhook endpoint in the external system that will receive the webhook notifications from Okta. This endpoint should be publicly accessible and should be designed to handle the events sent by Okta.
  2. In Okta, navigate to the Admin Dashboard and select the “API” tab.
  3. Click on the “Trusted Origins” link and add the URL of your webhook endpoint as a trusted origin.
  4. Navigate to the “Event Hooks” tab and click on the “Add Event Hook” button.
  5. Select the event types that you want to trigger the webhook, such as “User Created” or “Password Reset”.
  6. Enter the URL of your webhook endpoint in the “URL” field.
  7. If your webhook endpoint requires authentication, enter the necessary credentials in the “Authentication” section.
  8. Save the event hook.

Now, when an event occurs in Okta that matches the event types you selected, Okta will send a notification to your webhook endpoint. Your webhook endpoint can then process the notification and take any necessary actions.