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Incident View

An incident can be defined as an occurrence or condition that has impacted or could impact the vital assets of an organization like people, premises, process and providers.

Incidents can disrupt the service availability, product quality, value delivered to end customers and even harm the brand reputation.

Step-by-step process on “How to view and close an incident” in Zsuite, Quick and Easy with this video.

Incident management is managing the impact of incidents as they occur. This include any disruptive events that has business impact. Incident management implements quick fixes to resolve an incident and restore operations as early as possible.

On clicking Incident management you can view the Incidents that are already created.

Viewing an Incident:

Click on the Incident Id to view the respective incident details like Incident title, Incident type, Launched by, Launched date and time, Last updated Date and Time, Target recipients.

Incident view include details of broadcast settings, incident phases and operator notes.

Incident Management can have multiple phases like Reduction, Response, Relocation, Recovery, Resumption, Restoration, Returning to Normal.

In incident phases you can see when the incident is created, when the notification has started, when the notification response was confirmed and when the incident got completed.

Close Template

By clicking on the Incident ID, users will be redirected to the Incident view page. To close an Incident click on Actions and then select Close from the dropdown.

Report of an Incident:

Here you can see the complete report with Incident analysis, Delivery paths and Recipients. Report is segmented into multiple sections. Every section show the respective details such as details related to incident creation, launching date and time.

In this section, it shows the details related to delivery paths and delivery status in a pictorial representation.

 In this section, it shows the details related to recipients used for notification and their respective delivery method, sent time and confirmed time.