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Tropical Cyclones: Tropical cyclones, also known as typhoons or hurricanes, are among the most destructive weather phenomena. They are intense circular storms that originate over warm tropical oceans, and have maximum sustained wind speeds and heavy rains.

Tropical Cyclones Names: It’s important to note that these storms all exhibit the same features; they are just called differently depending where they’re located.

Example: Hurricane: Atlantic and Eastern, Central Pacific oceans. Typhoon: Western Pacific Ocean. Cyclonic storm: Northern Indian Ocean. Tropical cyclone: Southern Indian Ocean.

The practice of naming these storms began years ago in order to help in the quick identification of storms in warning messages and makes it easier for the media to report and heightens interest in warnings and increases community preparedness.

Tropical Cyclones Tracks: Tropical cyclone track forecasting involves predicting where a tropical cyclone is going to track over the next five days, every 6 to 12 hours.