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Visual Risk Intelligence Terminology

Assets: Assets are the organizational resources essential to operate and achieve organization objectives.

Example: People, Premises, Process and Providers.

Threat: Threat is the potential of a natural or man made threat-source to accidentally or intentionally exploit a vulnerability.

Examples for Natural Threats: Rainstorms, Cyclones, Floods, Earthquakes,

Examples for Man Made Threats: Pollution, Chemical Spills, Terror, Cyber Attacks.

Risk: Risk is the likelihood of a natural or man-made threat source exploiting a potential vulnerability, that can result in an adverse impact.

Example: Power Outage, Network Failure, Unavailability of Critical Resource, Transport Disruption.

Event: Event is large-scale activity that would lead to a disruption. Events could potentially cause disruption to businesses due to the closure of premises and access routes, increase security restrictions and inconvenience of customers.

Examples: Olympics, Political Rallies with known dates and duration. The stakeholders are made aware by a set of announcements or early indicators.

Incident: Incident is an occurrence due to unforeseen circumstances, which, if not handled duly, can turn severe.

Examples: Personnel Absence, Power Outage, HVAC Failure, Transport Disruption.